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Metro stations "Pushkinskaya" and "Zvenigorodskaya"

Metro stations “Pushkinskaya” and “Zvenigorodskaya” in Saint Petersburg are located at a distance about 1.5 kilometers to south from “Nevsky Prospekt”, near “Zagorodnyi prospect” street. Stations form a transfer hub, which connects two metro lines (Line 1 and Line 5). Stations ground lobbies are located at a distance of approximately 350 meters from each other.

The metro station “Pushkinskaya” (St. Petersburg)

The metro station “Pushkinskaya” (станция метро Пушкинская) is located near St. Petersburg Vitebsky railway station, close to the “Zagorodnyi prospect” street. The metro station “Pushkinskaya” is located on the “Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya” line (line 1, red line) of St. Petersburg metro. It is located between stations “Tehnologicheskiy institute” and “Vladimirskaya”.

 Pushkin monument in the subway station The station was opened April 30, 1956. The station hall located at 57 meters depth under ground level. Station ground pavilion is located on “Zagorodny Prospekt” street, close to the “Vitebsky voksal” railway station. Ticket office is located in the lobby.
Exit from the underground station hall (escalators) is located in the southern end of the hall. The transition to the station “Zvenigorodskaya” of “Primorsko-frunzenskaya” metro line located in the center of the hall (stairs).

The station is named after the most famous poet of Russia - AS Pushkin. Vitebsky (formerly Tsarskoye Selo) railway station is located near the metro station Railway station connects St. Petersburg with “Pushkin” city (Tsarskoye Selo), where poet Pushkin was studied.
Pushkin statue and depicting the park panels are situated at the end of the underground hall.

Metro station "Zvenigorodskaya"

"Zvenigorodskaya" metro station (станция метро Звенигородская) is located near the junction of “Zvenigorodskaya” street and “Zagorodniy Prospect” street. The station is part of the “Primorsky-frunzenskaya” metro line (line 5, purple line). It is located between the stations “Sadovaya” and “Obvodny Canal”.

The station was opened on December 20, 2008. The station ground lobby was opened on December 26, 2009.

St. Petersburg metro map and useful information The station lobby is located in the shopping and entertainment center "Zvenigorodskiy" building at Zvenigorodskaya Street.
Exit from the station underground hall (escalators) is located in the southern end of the hall. Transition to the metro station “Pushkinskaya” is in the hall center.

Station decoration is devoted to Semenovsky regiment, whose barracks were located in this district of St. Petersburg. There is a mosaic depicting soldiers of Semenovsky regiment times of the reign of Peter the Great in the station.

There is also "Pushkinskaya" metro station in Moscow.

Transition scheme.

transition scheme

For more information about the Saint Petersburg metro, please visit the VISIT-PLUS St. Petersburg metro page.

Metro station location on the city map.

Subway station location on the map

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