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Russian travel business experiencing grate problems

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 08/03/2014 - 23:55

Russian travel business is experiencing great problems in the current year. Several major tour operators have announced about the bankruptcy in a short time. A large number of Russian tourists get in a very difficult situation. Part of the tourists paid their tours, but was unable to make trips. A part of tourists are already abroad and cannot return to Russia. Many tourists unexpectedly received information that their hotels and plane tickets were unpaid (despite the fact that they were fully paid for these services to the tour operator).

Russian Union of Travel Industry has recognized the current season as the worst in five years. The crisis in the tourism industry was caused by different factors. For several years, the competition in this sector of the economy increased and profitability decreased. At the end of last year dropped the ruble. Also, the number of tourists decreased after a recommendation for certain categories of Russia government employees not to travel abroad.

  • First announced about termination of activity July 16 2014 Travel Company "Neva" from St. Petersburg. On those day abroad were 6,500 firms clients.
  • Next was a tour company from Moscow "Rosa Vetrov Mir".
  • Then, the suspension of the activities of the St. Petersburg announced tour operator said "Expo tour."
  • In early August 2014 about their problems, said the tour operator “Labyrint” (and the company "Idealtur"). According to preliminary information problems ret about 30 thousand tourists.

We can assume that in the near future may be new bankruptcy. Problems may arise also for airlines after the tour companies.

Unfortunately not only wealthy Russians was suffered. Among people who lost their money are even pensioners who took credit for the trip to the south sea. The trip did not take place, but the debt remains.

What will happen next? It can be assumed that the majority of potential customers will become customers of other travel agencies. Part of tourists will stop trust all tour operators and will organize their own trips (to book hotels and buy tickets for airplanes). Will the crisis intensified and how many years need to restore confidence to the tour operators, time will tell.


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