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Amusement park ”Divo Ostrov”

Amusement park  ”Divo Ostrov” Amusement park ”Divo Ostrov” is located in the western part of St. Petersburg, on the territory of Krestovsky Island, in the north-east part of the “Primorsky park Pobedy” park. Entrance to the park is located near the metro station “Krestovsky Ostrov.”
The park territory is divided into thematic areas. The park has a lot of entertainment attractions, which suit for visitors of any age enjoyment. It is not necessary to use the rides in order to have a good time here. You can simply take a walk in the park.

An amusement park “Divo-Ostrov” has a lot of fun for children of all ages. Here also arrange a variety of interesting events and activities. To ensure the safety all the children's playground is covered with a special soft rubber covering.
There are a restaurant and several cafes on the park territory. You can also organize a children's birthday party, banquet or wedding. Nearby can be hired skates or bicycle.

В парке аттракционов Диво-остров Amusement park operates in the warm year season (usually from early May to mid-October). Mode of operation during the summer months (2014): Monday to Friday from 12.00 to 23.00; Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 11.00 to 00.00.
In the amusement park Divo-Ostrov are entertainment attractions for different groups of visitors.

  • “Children” rides designed for children of all ages. Some of the rides: "Cars", "Trampoline", "Swedish town."
  • “Family” attractions suit for visitors of all ages (parents and children).
  • “Games” (designed mainly for children).
  • “Extreme” rides are designed for those who want to experience the thrill, the adrenaline rush (for the most daring). Some of the rides, "Rocket", "Flying Saucer", "Catapult", "Free-fall tower", "Russian hills", "Buster."

Access to attractions (including to extreme) is limited depending on the growth of the visitor. (For details, look at the official site.)
In order to use extreme rides need to have growth is usually not less than 140 centimeters (no age restrictions).

Tickets (2014)

  • Attractions for children from 50 to 130 rubles.
  • “Family” attractions from 80 to 200 rubles.
  • “Extreme” attractions from 100 to 450 rubles.
  • “Game” - 60 rubles (1 game).

Tickets bracelet (2014):

  • "Children" - 800 rubles.
  • "Schoolboy" - 1000 rubles.
  • "Universal" - 2000 rubles.

As a gift for the birthday and the newlyweds on their wedding day amusement park gives 1 hour for free.

Excerpts from the "Questions and Answers" official site:

  • Access to the children playground is free.
  • In some places of the city (on the Palace Square, near the Savior on Spilled Blood, Peter and Paul Fortress) sometimes give out free booklets. With a free booklet can be visited on weekdays "Ferris Wheel" and the weekend - "Flying Saucer." One person can use only three leaflets per day.
  • On the day of birth you can get a gift ticket in the park's administration ofice.
  • It is forbidden to enter in the park with dogs.

Go to St. Petersburg metro map.

"Krestovsky Ostrov" is the nearest metro station.

Oficial web site:

"Primorsky park Pobedy" park

Лебеди в парке "Primorsky Park of Victory" is located in the western part of St. Petersburg, on the island "Krestovsky", between the underground station "Krestovskiy ostrov" and under construction "Zenit-Arena" stadium. The park was opened in honor of the naval victories won by the USSR in the World War 2. Its total area is 168 hectares. The central alley of the park is laid in the direction from east to west, from the metro station to the Gulf of Finland.

Park ponds occupy an area of ​​seventeen hectares. On one of the ponds located swan kennel, therefore the the pond is sometimes called "Swan Lake."

Within the park is located an amusement park "Divo-Ostrov".

The location of the park you can see map of Saint Petersburg .

We offer a route for a walk (if the weather is good). Go to the metro station "Krestovsky Ostrov", go through the park to a new football stadium (Novokrestovskaya metro station is behind the stadium), go to the Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg". You can take a walk in the park and visit the shopping and entertainment center "Piterland". The metro station "Begovaya" is nearby.


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