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Moose sculpture

Sculpture Moose is the most famous sculpture in the city of Vyborg. This is one of the attractions of the city. Perfectly executed sculpture is made in full size. Sculpture of a moose looks particularly well among the trees in the park. Wild animal is, as it were in a natural environment, in the woods.

Moose sculpture

Finnish sculptor Jussi Mäntynen (Jussi Mäntynen) produced a plaster sculpture of elk in 1923 for a hunting exhibition (held in Helsinki). Plaster sculpture was later donated to zoological museum of the University of Helsinki. Bronze sculptures version was installed in Vyborg in 1928 in the park Torkkelinpuisto.

Vyborg Moose had survived two wars, bullying vandals and still adorns the park in Vyborg.

In 1955 in Lahti (Finland) in the park Erkonpuisto installed copy of the sculpture Jussi Mäntynen "Moose." (The sculpture was donated to the city of Diasporas in Lahti former residents of Vyborg.)
The third copy was installed in 1969 in the city of Turku. In 1972 in Helsinki was installed another copy of the sculpture (at the Museum of Natural Sciences).

  • Moose sculpture in Vyborg is in the park named after Lenin, near Red Square and the library.
  • Sculpture location is shown on the map.
  • Distance from sculpture to bus and train station less than one kilometer.

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