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Gamla Stan

Old Town, Gamla Stan is the historical center of Stockholm. Gamla Stan is located on the island Stadskholmen and has an area of 36 hectares. This is an important tourist center of Stockholm, which is visited by all tourists visiting the city.

Gamla Stan

On the photo: view of the old city.

Stockholm building was started in the 13th century on this island. Initially, the name Stockholm refers only to the located on the island part of the settlement. (It is believed that the word Stockholm means the Long Island.) Later, Stockholm began to occupy a large area. Until 1980, this part of the city is officially called the city between the bridges (Staden mellan broarna). The Old City (Gamla Stan) is home to about 3,000 residents. There are a lot of old houses and streets that are interesting to tourists.

Royal Palace

Some of the Gamla Stan in Stockholm attractions:

  • Royal Palace. The Royal Palace in Gamla Stan was built in the period from 1697 to 1770 years. It is in using from 1754. There are several museums and souvenir shop in the palace. The greatest interest among tourists is changing of the guard at the Royal Palace.
  • Stortorget square. Stortorget is the oldest square in Stockholm. There are several architectural monuments on the square. It hosts various events (e.g. Christmas Fair).
  • Nobel Museum.
  • Church of St. Nicholas. Sankt Nikolai kyrka (Storkyrkan, Stockholm Cathedral) is the oldest church in Gamla Stan. The first mention of this church refers to 1279.
  • Mårten Trotzigs Gränd. This is the narrowest street in Stockholm (Mårten Trotzigs gränd). The width of the street is about 90 centimeters.
  • Järnpojke. Järnpojke (Iron Boy) "little boy who looks at the moon" sculpture by Liss Eriksson has a height of 15 centimeters. It is the smallest monument in Stockholm. The sculpture is located near the Finnish church, near the Royal Palace. (In winter, the boy often wears a hat and scarf.)
  • Royal Coin Cabinet. Coin Cabinet is one of the oldest museums in Sweden.

Houses on Stortorget Square

Houses on Stortorget Square.

The metro station Gamla Stan is located on the island (red and green subway lines). The island also has several hotels and hostels.

Gamla Stan map

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