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"New Holland" in Saint Petersburg

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New Holland arch New Holland is a small island in the Admiralty district of St. Petersburg. It is surrounded on three sides by the Moika River, Kryukov and Admiralty channels. Walking along the embankment of the river Moika, near building number 106, you will surely notice the imposing arch. Arch of “New Holland” island cannot be unnoticed. Arch was the most prominent object of the island "New Holland" until recently. New Holland is becoming a new cultural and tourist center of St. Petersburg today.

New Holland is the only man-made island in the Neva River delta. Two channels, “Admiralteisky” and “Kryukov” channels were digged in 1719 between the Neva River and the Moika River for shipbuilders needs. Thus the island was created. Initially place near the Admiralty in St. Petersburg was called the “Holland”. Warehouses were built there for ship timber. Warehouses were moved to an island later and the island itself was named “New Holland”. Most of the island was built up by sheds, in which timber, tools and various appliances for building and repairing ships were stored.
There is also another explanation for the name of the island. Forest in new warehouses was stored by new for that time technology (named in Russia as Holland). (Ship timbers were drying by placing logs vertically.) Hence island gets the name.

The architectural complex of the "New Holland" island was built in 1765 - 1780 years. New Holland is a unique monument of industrial architecture of St. Petersburg. The island area is about 7.8 hectares.
Arch of New Holland was the main attraction of the island until recently. It was erected over a small canal, connecting located on the island pool with Moika River. Rising above the canal arch looks very impressive. The height of the arch is 23 meters and span width is 8 meters.This magnificent red-brick gateway to the island is flanked by massive Tuscan columns of red granite.

Until December 2004 the place was used by services of the Navy. Access had been closed to the island for tourists. December 12, 2004 all of the objects were transferred to the city. City officials announced a competition to design the use of the territory and premises of the island.

Work Architecture Company (WORKac) of New York won the competition. The project of reconstruction includes New Holland conversion into a new cultural and commercial center of the city. The new cultural center of St. Petersburg is associated with concepts such as creativity, art, fashion and cinema. The project will probably be changing in the future. Searching will continue for new ideas, the development of areas which will be interesting to residents of the city and tourists will continue.

The former smithy building probably was the first building on this territory. There will be located "Kuznya" club. It will be a center of cultural life of the island.

Former prison building "Bottle" is located nearby. Cafes and restaurants will be located on the first floor of the building.

The second floor will be dedicated to the design and fashion. It is also planned to place a book and antique shops.
Facilities for sports, yoga beauty salon and spa will be located on the third floor.

Educational Club for children and teens will be located on the fourth floor. Here you can get information about modern technology, art, design.

Exhibitions, concerts and festivals will be held on the territory of New Holland. It is planned to place the work of art here.

New Holland is located approximately 1 kilometer south-west of St. Isaac's Cathedral. The distance to the Anglais Promenade is 250 meters.

You can check the place location on the map.

Address: St. Petersburg, Admiralty channel embankment 2.

The nearest metro stations: Admiralteiskaya, Sadovaya, Spasskaya (a distance about 1.6 kilometers).

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