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“Kirovsky Zavod” metro station in St. Petersburg

“Kirovsky Zavod” metro station in St. Petersburg (станция метро Кировский Завод) is located to south of the city center, close to Komsomolskaya Square, at the intersection Prospect Stachek street and Vasi Alekseeva street. The station is located at a distance about 7 kilometers to south of the Palace Square. Kirovsky Zavod station is located at the Kirovsko-Vyborgskaya line of Petersburg metro (line 1, red line) between stations "Narvskaya" and "Avtovo".

The station is an object of cultural heritage of regional significance. The stationhall is an example of design of the USSR 50-ies. The station may be interesting to tourists.

The station was opened November 15, 1955. The station vestibule is located on the corner of Prospekt Stachek Street and Vasi Alekseeva Street in the building of a rectangular shape with columns. The station underground hall located at a depth about 50 meters.

There are plans for the construction the station "Putilovskaya" on Krasnoselskaya-Kalinin line. Stations Putilovskaya and Kirovsky Zavot will be joined to form a subway transition hub.

Kirovskij Zavod metro   station photo

There are located near the metro station Kirovsky Zavod in St. Petersburg:

  • Kirovsky factory. Address: Prospect Stachek, 47, St. Petersburg. One of the largest enterprises in St. Petersburg.
  • Museum of History and Technology of the Kirovsky factory. Address: Prospect Stachek, 72, St. Petersburg.
  • The Baltic Institute of Humanities. Address: Prospect Stachek, 72, St. Petersburg.
  • Palace of Culture and Technology named after Gaza. Address: Prospect Stachek, 72, St. Petersburg.
  • Hotel «Niva-SV". Address: 6 Korabelnaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Metro station location map.

Subway station location on the map



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