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Sexual services in Saint Petersburg

Submitted by Visit Plus on Fri, 08/07/2015 - 09:24

sex advertisements in Saint Petersburg While being in St. Petersburg, tourists can see not only the sights, but also a large number of advertising. In addition to all the usual advertising posters there are also leaflets pasted on poles and walls, painted on the sidewalk. A significant portion of such messages is advertising sexual services. Local authorities and volunteers regularly disrupt such papers, paint over the telephone numbers on the pavement. But advertising sexual services appears in the morning again. Promotional booklets with photos and telephones of girls sometimes distribute to drivers at intersections.

Prostitution is banned in Russia. But sex is a natural human need. If there is demand, there is supply of such services. Problems with finding work and low salaries are forcing young women to engage in such business. Girls come in big cities from other regions and from other countries. Sometimes this kind of work has to deal with incoming students (as well as local residents). Clients of prostitutes are locals and tourists.

Police are trying to fight this illegal business. Prostitutes sometimes fined. The organizers of this illegal business face a more severe punishment. Sex is a natural human need. Restriction of access to sexual services can cause an increase in violence. Maybe such a business should be allowed? I don’t know.

sex advertisements on the sidewalk


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