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"Udelnaya" metro station

The metro station "Udelnaya" in Saint Petersburg is located in the northern part of the city, at a distance approximately 8 kilometers from the city center (Palace Square and the Nevsky Prospekt). The station is located approximately 350 meters west of Prospekt Engelsa street, close to the railway station "Udelnaya".

The "Udelnaya" station located on the Moscovsko-Petrogradskaya metro line (Line 2, blue line) between stations "Pionerskaya" and "Ozerki". The station was opened on November 6, 1982. The station has a ground pavilion, which is located near the railway, between the streets Eletskaya and Enotaevskaya. The station underground hall located at a depth about 64 meters below the ground surface.

metro station Udelnaya

Near the metro station Udelnaya in St. Petersburg are located:

  • Railway station Udelnaya. Trains in the direction of the cities Vyborg and Priozersk.
  • Neuropsychiatric clinic number 2. Address: Fermskoe Highway 34, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Hotel "Nauka Na Engelsa".
  • Hotel "Commendantskaya Dacha". Address: Kolomyazhsky prospekt 27 letter A, room 14H, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Near the train station "Udelnaya" Flea Market is located. The market is located near the railway platform on which stop trains in St. Petersburg.



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