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The ski season opens in Finland on October 6, 2023. How do they do it?

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Finland is one of the first in Europe to open ski season. The 2023/24 ski season is scheduled to open on October 6 (2023). The weather is unlikely to interfere with these plans. How do they do this?

How does Finland manage to open the ski season in October? Real winter will come later, even in northern Finland. The fact is that some ski centers know how to preserve last year's snow. The early opening of the ski season is possible thanks to the accumulated snow from last winter.

I remember from childhood that at the nearby sawmill the snow did not melt until mid-summer under a thick layer of sawdust. Something similar is happening at ski centers, but with the use of modern, more efficient technologies.

The first ski resorts in Finland to open the winter season are Ruka and Levi. This year's opening is scheduled for the weekend of October 6-8 (2023).
Of course, not all slopes will open first, perhaps one or two and a cross-country ski track.
It is likely that the first stage of operation of the ski center will not last long, it will depend on the weather.
But ski and snowboard lovers will be able to go down the slope in early October.

At the Levi ski resort, they managed to save 200 thousand cubic meters of snow. Snow preservation and storage technology was developed by Snow Secure together with Finnfoam.

Skiing is very popular in this country. There are a large number of small and large ski centers located here. The longest ski season lasts in the north of the country, in Lapland.

Lapland is a popular tourist destination during the Christmas festive season. Tourists come here from many European countries, as well as from Asia and America. Popular activities among foreign tourists are visiting Santa Claus Village (Rovaniemi), motor sleigh, reindeer and dog sled safaris.
Why don't tourists add skiing to their itinerary during their winter holidays in Finland?

Ruka Ski Resort has 34 ski slopes, 21 lift. Maximum height of 492 meters. The longest ski slope has a length of 1300 meters. You can not only go skiing, but also good to spend free time. (See location on the world tourist map.)

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