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Park of arts "Muzeon"

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Park of Arts Muzeon (formerly called the Park of the Fallen Heroes) has become one of the most popular attractions of Moscow in recent years. Park is known not only as a place for walking, but also as an open-air museum of sculpture. Also, various events, concerts are held regularly in the park. More than seven hundred items are exposed now in the park (about two hundred museum objects are stored in the vaults). Krimskaya promenade is a pedestrian zone, one of the best places for walking in Moscow.

Sculptures in the park Muzeon

The history of the park can be counted since 1991. Then, by the decision of the Government of Moscow, the city began to dismantle of Soviet Communist leaders monuments. They were brought to the park near the Krimskaya waterfront. January 24, 1992, Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov signed a decree on the establishment an open-air museum of sculpture in the park.

Sculptures in the park Muzeon

Currently, a large number of sculptures created during the Soviet era are situated in the park. Contemporary sculptors works are also on display in the park. There are three scenes, on which are held artists, musicians’ performances in the park.

The park is located near the banks of the Moskva River/ Distance from Red Square is of about 2 kilometers. Park area is 23.5 hectare large. The length of the park along the waterfront is about 800 meters. Since October 2015 Muzeon Art Park is an part of the Gorky Park. The park several times won prizes in various rankings.

Sculptures in the park Muzeon

Location: Moscow, Krimsky Val, 2.
The nearest metro station "Oktyabrskaya" and "Park Culture" located at a distance of about 500 meters from the park.
You can specify the location of the Muzeon Park on the map of Moscow.


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