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Kolomenskoye is a popular holiday destination among residents of Moscow. This is one of the city's attractions. Kolomenskoye is a large park on the banks of the Moskva river. The park has many interesting architectural sights.

Kolomenskoye Park and Museum is located at a distance of about 10 kilometers south of the city center (Kremlin, and Red Square). The park area is about 390 hectares. The length of the park from north to south is about 2.7 kilometers.

Kolomenskoye village was located on the road from Moscow to the Kolomna city. The first written mention of the Kolomenskoye village refers to 1336. Kolomenskoye was domain of Moscow grand dukes for many years. It was one of the residences of the Russian tsars. Kolomenskoye lost its meaning after the Russian capital transfer in St. Petersburg. Kolomenskoye museum was founded in 1923. Kolomenskoye is a part of the city of Moscow now. Park and museum "Kolomenskoye" is part of the Moscow State Integrated Art and Historical, Architectural and Natural Landscape Museum-Reserve.

There are monuments of Russian architecture 16 - 18th centuries in Kolomenskoye museum. The most famous Church in Kolomenskoye is Church of the Ascension, which was built in 1532. The park often hosts interesting events.

  • Address: Moscow, Prospekt Andropova, 39.
  • Entrances to the park are located near the metro stations "Kolomenskaya" and "Kashirskaya".
  • You can specify the park location on the map of Moscow.

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