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Restaurants day is illegal

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 05/21/2016 - 14:13

Today in St. Petersburg will be held the day the restaurant. On this day, everyone can open his own restaurant one day. You can show off your culinary skills. St. Petersburg city administration said participation in the event шы illegal.

Most of the participants violate several laws. This illegal business. For doing business need to draw a lot of documents, you need to register an entrepreneur, and pay taxes.
Cooking food to the public it is even more difficult. We need a staff that was trained. It is necessary to confirm that the products and equipment comply with the requirements for restaurants.

Make it long, difficult and expensive. Therefore, to take part in the bottom of the restaurant may only existing restaurants. The city administration announced that check legality of the actions of the participants of the event. The authorities promise to fine anyone who violates the law.

Restaurant has begun in Day Finland May 2011 food carnival. Anyone can set up the restaurant cafe or bar to the desired location for one day. Restaurant Day is now the world's biggest food event, which is held four times a year, every three months.


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