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Greece is one of the most popular tourist destinations 2016

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 05/29/2016 - 16:46

Where tourists go on vacation in the summer of 2016? According to current projections, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe this year will be Greece. If the forecasts will be correct, then Greece could receive up to 25 million foreign tourists in 2016.

Tourist industry in Greece much faster than in Spain, Portugal, Italy or France last year grew. Greece was visited by 23.5 million tourists in 2015. Revenue of the tourism industry is estimated as 14.2 billion euros in 2015. The government assumes that in 2016 the number of foreign tourists could reach 25 million (27.5 million taking into account passengers of cruise ships). This is more than twice the country's population.

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The growth of Greece's popularity can be explained by several reasons. Choose Greece as a place for holiday tourists are those who before traveled to Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey. Some of them will refuse to travel to these countries because of doubts about the safety of travel. Moreover, Greece offers a very favorable ratio of price - quality, both for lovers of package tours, as well as for those who are traveling on their own. The most popular tourist destinations in Greece are Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Chalkidikí. Athens is popular with tourists not only in summer but all year round. Some problems in the tourism industry may arise in connection with the arrival of refugees.

Greece is consistently popular destination with tourists from Germany, Great Britain and the Scandinavian countries. The largest number of tourists from Russia visited Greece in 2013 (1,175 million). Significant growth of the number of tourists from Russia is possible in Greece resorts this year. Package tours to Greece offered by travel companies at very attractive prices. But the majority of tourists from Russia will hold a summer vacation in the resorts of the Black Sea coast of Russia this year.

Spain, Bulgaria and Thailand can be considered as Greece competitors with tourists.

My vacation in Crete will begin in early June.


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