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Events in St. Petersburg in October

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There are many interesting events held in St Petersburg in October. Interesting events in St. Petersburg in October 2018. Announcements of events, festivals, concerts. Useful information for tourists.

Theatre Festival "Baltic House"

Dates: September 23 - October 12, 2019.

Baltic House is an international Theatre Festival in St Petersburg. The festival will be attended by theaters from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Marseille, Modena, Beijing, Warsaw and Vilnius. Theatre festival is an opportunity to see in St. Petersburg theatrical productions made in other cities and countries.
Venue: Baltic House theater, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Football Zenit - Benfica

Date: October 02, 2019.

For football lovers. The preliminary stage match of the UEFA Champions League Zenit - Benfica will be held in St. Petersburg at the Gazprom Arena stadium on October 02, 2019.

Synergy global forum

October 04 - 05, 2019.

Synergy Global Forum - an educational forum. It has been held since 2015.
Forum speakers are outstanding personalities who have achieved success in a wide variety of fields.
The most famous participant of this year (according to information from the Internet) is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Tickets at a price of 6 to 500 thousand rubles. can be bought online.

Art weekend

October 5 - 6, 2019.

This event will bring together all the sites of St. Petersburg, engaged in contemporary art. Galleries, exhibition halls and creative spaces will prepare special events for a wide audience. At all sites free tours for visitors will take place.

Robots festival

--- October 2019.

International festival of robotics "Robofinist" is held for children. Anyone can participate in the competition. Amateurs and professionals will be able to demonstrate their achievements and communicate with people who are interested in robotics.

Venue: sports and concert complex Petersburgsky.

Fashion Industry exhibition. Autumn 2019.

October 09 - 12, 2019.

International Exhibition of textile industry "Fashion Industry" in St. Petersburg. The event will be attended by many companies from Russia and other countries. Manufacturers of clothing, footwear and accessories will present their products to stores and retail chains. It will also organize conferences and seminars for specialists. Themes of the exhibition: Clothing, textiles, knitwear, lingerie, furs, leather, footwear, accessories.


The closing of the summer season in Peterhof

October 13, 2019.

The last day of the fountains in Peterhof. Fountains stop daily work until the spring of 2019. Entrance to the Lower Park for the winter is usually free in the winter.

International Conservatory Week

October 19 to November 2, 2019.

The festival "International Conservatory Week" will be held from October 19 to November 2 at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. The event is attended by young musicians and famous professors from Europe, the USA, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Russia, representing 18 higher schools of music from 16 countries of the world. Performances will take place at the best concert venues in our city.

World of Cats Exhibition 2019

October 19 - 20, 2019.

At the World of Cats exhibition you can see the most beautiful representatives of different breeds of cats, from all known to rare. Cat lovers will be able to purchase goods for cats, accessories and feed, as well as receive specialist advice.

Venue: Lenexpo Exhibition Complex.
The nearest metro station is Primorskaya.

Real estate exhibition and seminar for the public

October 13 - 14, 2018.

Exhibition and Seminar for the public "Housing project" is held for those who are planning to buy an apartment or a house in St. Petersburg. At the exhibition potential buyers will have opportunity to meet representatives of construction companies, realtors, representatives of banks and insurance companies. The exhibition provides an opportunity to learn in one place offers different construction companies to inquire about the conditions of mortgage loans from different banks. Here you can find prices for apartments in St. Petersburg.
Admission to the exhibition and all housing advice for free.

Venue: Saint Petersburg Sport and Concerts center a>.

Exhibition "Hunting and Fishing 2019"

October 24 - 27, 2019.

Hunting and fishing exhibition for public and professionals in St. Petersburg. The exhibition will feature: hunting weapons, accessories and equipment for hunting and fishing.
Sections: transport (boats, motors, snowmobiles), hunting equipment (guns and weapons care items, products for the storage of weapons and ammunition), accessories for fishing (rods, reels, lures, fishing line network), equipment for underwater hunting, clothing for hunters and fishermen, fishing and hunting tours.
Location: St. Petersburg, the fairgrounds “EXPOFORUM”. a>

St. Petersburg Fashion Week

October 25 – 28, 2018.

St.Petersburg Fashion Week (SPbFW) is supported by Fashion Syndicate of St.Petersburg and the Committee on the development of entrepreneurship and consumer market of St. Petersburg. The event is designed for professionals working in the fashion industry, owners and specialists of shops, journalists, representatives of media and designers. Designed items (spring - summer 2017) will be presented to potential buyers, representatives of trade and the media.
Check the up-to-date information on the event website:

Venue: New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, Fontanka Embankment, 49a, St. Petersburg.

Musical Notre Dame de Paris

October 25 - 27, 2019.

The legendary musical Notre Dame de Paris can be seen in the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg (in French). Tickets: 6500 - 10,000 rubles. Tickets can be bought online.

Show on the ice of Ilya Averbukh

October 26, 2019.

Tour of the ice show by Ilya Averbukh “15 years of success”. The show involves figure skating stars.
Venue: Sports Palace Yubileiny.

Finland Film Week in St. Petersburg

October 25 - November 3, 2019.

Finland Film Week will be held in St. Petersburg. Organizers of the Finnish Film Week: Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg, Finland Film Fund.
Cinema "Aurora" and cinema "Lenfilm".


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