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Improvement of the road between St. Petersburg and Finland

Submitted by Visit Plus on Mon, 10/31/2016 - 19:06

The first expanded part of the “Scandinavia” road was opened for car traffic in October 2016. The road connects St. Petersburg and Finland, bypassing city of Vyborg on the east side. The reconstructed section of road has six lanes for car traffic (three in each direction).

The road A-181 "Scandinavia" connects St. Petersburg and Finland. The road is part of European route E 18, as well as the continuation of the M-10 "Russia" federal highway.

On the picture: the construction of the Scandinavia highway.

Scandinavia highway

Hitherto road had two lanes for vehicle traffic (one lane in each direction). This road can be considered as one of the most dangerous in the north-west Russia. A large number of different vehicles are moving at different speeds, result a lot of overtaking. Overtaking on-site into oncoming traffic often leads to traffic accidents with grave consequences.

The highway improvements began in 2015. According to plans, the road from the Sestroretsk town to Vyborg city will have six lanes for car traffic. The road will have four lanes from Vyborg to the border crossing point Torfyanovka.

Expansion of highway will be carried out in stages:

  • From the Sestroretsk city to the Ogonki village.
  • From Ogon'ki village to Kirpichnoye village.
  • From Kirpichnoye village to Vyborg.
  • From Vyborg to the checkpoint "Torfyanovka" (the border with Finland).

The highway improvements can be completed by 2025. Commissioned section of road is located to north of the Sestroretsk town (St. Petersburg ZSD toll western bypass road). The length of the extended section of the road is 2.58 kilometers. Reconstruction of the road is part of the development of road way Europe - Russia - China. We hope that the road will remain free and accessible to all after reconstruction.


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