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Catalonia Square

Catalonia Square (La plaça de Catalunya) can be considered the central square of Barcelona. Very often, tourists are beginning to explore the city from this place. As a rule, here come the buses with tour groups. It is easy to get to the airport by bus or train from the square. This square regularly hosts a variety of public events: festivals, concerts, exhibitions and competitions.

You can check the location of Plaza Catalunya on the map of Barcelona.

Placa Catalunya square in Barcelona is located in the city center, at a distance of approximately one kilometer from the shores of the Mediterranean. Many important streets of the city converge on the square.

By the end of the 19th century on the site of the square was a wasteland, which was located on the outskirts of the city, in front of the city gates. Following the expansion of the territory of Barcelona city, the square became one of the main squares of the city.

At present, the square is located between the old town and built in the 19th century Eixample district. Many bus routes run through Catalunya square, some subway lines are crossed here; one of the railway stations of the city is located here. It is possible to get to the airport by bus or by rail from the square.

The central part of the square is paved with tiles of different colors. In Placa Catalunya, there are several statues and fountains. Trees are planted around. All this makes the area quite a beautiful place in the city center.

The photo shows the Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona. View out of shopping center.

Catalunya square in Barcelona

Distance from Plaza Catalunya to several popular tourist spots in Barcelona (on foot):

  • The passenger port: about 2 kilometers.
  • Picasso Museum: 1.2 kilometers.
  • Montjuïc Hill: about 4 km.
  • Cathedral of Sagrada Familia: about 2.5 kilometers.
  • Stadium Camp Nou and FC Barcelona Museum: about 5 kilometers.

You can walk to the seafront and the port from Plaça Catalunya along the most famous street of Barcelona La Rambla. To the north of Las Ramblas is the so-called Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

There are located on Catalonia Square: shopping center El Corte Ingles, the Catalunya Plaza hotel, Monegal Hotel, Olivia Plaza, as well as an information point for tourists. Plaça de Catalunya subway and train station is located under the square.

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