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Mega Dybenko shopping mall

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MEGA shopping mall Two shopping centers MEGA were opened in Saint Petersburg in 2006 (MEGA Parnas and MEGA Dybenko). There are more than 150 shops in the shopping mall "Mega Dybenko". Largest and most popular shopping places are: "IKEA", "Auchan" hypermarket, the hypermarket of products for home "OBI", home appliances and electronics "Media Markt", cafes, restaurant, playgrounds, concert places.

There are many stores selling clothing, footwear, sporting goods, electronics and accessories. Free parking is available at 7000 locations.

The shopping center can be reached by free bus from the metro station "Ulitsa Dybenko", "Kuptchino", "Lomonosovskaya".

Shopping center "MEGA Dybenko" is located near the intersection of Ring Road and the Murmansk highway.

"Mega Dybenko" shopping mall address: 12-th km of Murmansk highway, Vsevolshsk dictrict, Leningrad region. (Look location on the St. Petersburg map.)

Most shops are open from 10.00 to 22.00.

MEGA is a unique development project in Russia of IKEA Group.

Shopping places in Saint Petersburg.

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