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Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport

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Paris - Charles de Gaulle international airport (fr. Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, CDG) is the largest airport in France. The largest number of tourists arrives in Paris through this airport.

Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport is located north-east of Paris, at a distance approximately 23 kilometers from the Champs Elysées (in a straight line). The airport is also known as Roissy - Charles de Gaulle (fr. Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle) from the area in which it is located.

Airport construction began in 1966. It was opened on March 8, 1974. The airport expanded in subsequent years. About 65.9 million passengers were handled at the airport in 2016. The airport is the largest in France and the second in Europe in terms of passenger traffic.

Charles de Gaulle airport has three terminals. The terminal 2 consists of several parts, which indicated by the letter (2A - 2G). Terminal 2 is connected to terminals 1 and 3 with free rail shuttle. It is possible to move between some of the buildings by foot. 2G terminal is located in a separate building. It can be reached by free shuttle bus from Terminal 1, 2 (A-F) and 3. It is planned to build the terminal 4.

airport terminals location scheme

The picture shows the airport terminals location scheme.

Roissypôle is a complex which houses office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and the RER station, located on the territory of the Charles de Gaulle airport (between terminals 2 and 3).

How to get to Paris from airport

The airport has two railway stations. The “Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 1” station serves terminals 1 and 3 passengers. The “Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2 - TGV” station is more convenient for passengers arriving (departing) to the terminal 2.

It is possible to get to the airport:

  • By commuter rapid transit sistem «RER» line B (RER B) from the city center and the North Station (Gare du Nord). Trains do not go at night. (Be careful, one branch leads to the airport Charles de Gaulle, the other to the Mitri station). The ticket price is about 10 euros (2017).
  • By bus. It's a bit cheaper than the train. For example, a route 350 depart from the East Station (Gare de L'Est) or Route 351 from the Place de la Nation square. (See timetables and routes of buses 350 and 351.)
  • There are other bus routes. (There are also night buses.)
  • By taxi (at any time). You can book a shuttle (taxi) online before the trip.

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There are about 30 hotels in the airport. You may need the hotel at the airport if the flight is delayed, and in other cases. (There are among hotel located in the airport, for example: Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Marriott Hotel, Novotel Convention & Wellness Roissy CDG, Hyatt Regency Paris Charles de Gaulle, Park Inn Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.)
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The airport location marked on the map at the bottom of the page.
You can also see the location of Paris airports, railway stations and tourist attractions on a map.

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