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The Rovaniemi town originated at the confluence of two large northern rivers, Ounasjoki and Kemijoki. Since its foundation, Rovaniemi has become a rapidly developing settlement, the center of trade and education in the region. Rovaniemi became like a gateway to Finnish Lapland for tourists later. In 1960, Rovaniemi received the status of a city. The distance from Rovaniemi to the shore of the Baltic Sea (the Kemi city) is approximately 100 kilometers.

Rovaniemi is one of the most famous cities in Finland. The city is known all over the world due to the fact that here is the residence of Santa Claus. The city can be considered as the capital of Christmas. Rovaniemi is the largest city in the Finnish part of Lapland.

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Information for tourists

Flowing through the city of the rivers, divide the city into three parts: the city center, Ounasvaara and Pöykkölä. The city center is an area that is located near the intersection of Rovakatu and Koskikatu streets. There are places popular with tourists in the city center: shopping centers Revontuli, Rinteenkulma, Sampokeskus and several hotels. Here you can find cafes and restaurants. The distance from the city center to the railway station is about one kilometer. The information center for tourists is located in the center of the city, in the shopping center Sampo. Address: Lordi's Square, Maakuntakatu 29-31, Rovaniemi, Finland.

The nature of Lapland is not rich with tourist attractions. The climate here can not be called warm and comfortable. But Lapland and Rovaniemi manage to successfully benefit from their seemingly unprofitable location. Tourists are offered hiking around the tundra, boat trips along the rivers and visits to reindeer farms in the summer. In winter, tourists can practice various types of winter sports in Lapland: downhill skiing, snowboarding, reindeer and dog sledding. The most famous ski resorts in the region are Ylläs and Levi. Santa Claus is the most advertised brand in Rovaniemi.

The nature of Lapland is a strange, exotic and interesting for the residents of the southern countries. Tourists from countries of southern Europe and Asia come here to meet with Santa Claus, go skiing and see the Northern Lights (if lucky). Residents of Finland also often come to Lapland.

Activities are usually offered to tourists in Lapland:

  • In winter: skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, dog sledding, reindeer safari.
  • In the spring: walking on nature parks, fishing.
  • In the summer: rafting, cycling, golf, hiking, nordic walking.
  • In the autumn: berries, mushroom picking, hunting, hiking, fishing, nordic walking.

Many tourists come to Rovaniemi from the southern countries in the hope of seeing the northern lights (Aurora Borealis). The Northern Lights occur in Rovaniemi on average every second night, most often in September - October and February - March. Polar lights do not occur every day. It may not be visible either due to bad weather. There is no guarantee that you will see this beautiful natural phenomenon during a trip to Lapland.


  • Geographic coordinates: 66 ° 33 'N and 25 ° 50' E
  • Population - 62 thousand people.
  • The coldest recorded temperature is 45.3 ° C.
  • The hottest recorded temperature is + 30.6 ° C.

The distance to Rovaniemi from some big cities: Helsinki - 800 kilometers, St. Petersburg - 1025 kilometers, Moscow - 1350 kilometers, Murmansk - 420 kilometers (600 by car), Beijing - 6000 kilometers, London - 2200 kilometers.


Santa Claus Village

Santa Claus Village is an amusement park located near Rovaniemi. It is the residence of Santa Claus. The Arctic Circle cuts right through Santa Claus Village. There are Santa Claus post office, many souvenir shops, safari companies, cafes and restaurants in the village. The village is located at a distance about 8 kilometers from Rovaniemi along the E75 (No. 4) road towards Ivalo. The village of Santa Claus can be reached by bus from Rovaniemi bus station and from airport.
Address: Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, Finland.


Santapark is located near the village of Santa Claus, in a cave, in the bowels of the Suvyasenvaara hill. The central square (cave) has a diameter of 33 meters, and a height of 11 meters. There are other caves connected to the central square by a corridor. In these caves there are various attractions, a cinema and a cafe. Santapark is open in summer and in the Christmas season.
Address: SantaPark, Tarvantie 1, Rovaniemi, Finland.


The Arcticium Museum is a museum and information center of the Arctic territories, a scientific center, a venue for meetings and congresses. The museum acquaints visitors with the natural features of the Arctic, polar territories and Lapland. Address: Pohjoisranta 4, Rovaniemi, Finland.


The Ranua zoo is located about 80 kilometers south of Rovaniemi. The zoo contains about 50 species of arctic and northern wild animals (including polar bear, lynx, brown bear, wolves and moose). The zoo can be reached by bus from Rovaniemi.

Art Museum

The Rovaniemi Art Museum was opened in 1986. Exhibits from the Jenny and Antti Wihurin fund formed the basis of the collection. It is open to visitors all year round, except Mondays and Thursdays. Address: Lapinkävijäntie 4, Rovaniemi, Finland.

Amethyst Mine

The amethyst mine is located on the top of the Lampivaara hill. The mine is located about 130 kilometers north of Rovaniemi. From the top of the Lampivaara hill, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Tourists have the opportunity to find the amethyst themselves.

The gold mines of Tankavaara

The gold mines of Tankavaara were located about 30 kilometers south of Saariselkä and 230 kilometers north of Rovaniemi. The Museum of Gold operates here at the present time. Tourists can try to find gold themselves. The largest nugget on the Tankavaraa goldfield was found in 1950 by Tauno and Jouko Virtanen and had weighed 186 grams.

Ski Center

The Ounasvaara ski center is located near the city center of Rovaniemi. The ski slopes are located on the north side of the Ounasvaara hill. You can go skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. The biggest difference in altitude is 140 meters. The longest of the tracks has a length of 600 meters. At the ski center there are slopes that will suit both beginner skiers and experienced athletes. At the ski center there is a hotel Sky Hotel Ounasvaara.

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The most convenient way to get to Rovaniemi is by plane. Rovaniemi Airport (Rovaniemen lentoasema) is located about 10 kilometers north of the center of Rovaniemi. This is the third largest passenger airport in Finland. The Arctic Circle crosses the runway of the airfield. It is possible to get from the airport to the city center, the village of Santa Claus, many hotels and some ski resorts by bus.

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You can also get to Rovaniemi by bus and by rail. Travel time from Helsinki to Rovaniemi by train is from ten to 13 hours. The duration of the trip by bus from Helsinki to Rovaniemi is about 11 hours.

Distance from the railway station to some tourist places:

  • Santa Claus Village - 10 kilometers.
  • Ski center Ounasvaara (Ounasvaaran Hiihtokeskus) - 5 kilometers.
  • Ruka Ski Center - 200 kilometers.
  • Ski Center Ylläs - 170 kilometers.
  • Levi Ski Center - 170 kilometers.

The bus station is located at a short distance from the Rovaniemi railway station.

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In the city of Rovaniemi there are several hotels that are located both in the city center and in other places popular with tourists. You can also rent a house (cottage) if you do not want to live in a hotel. Find a hotel, apartment or rent a cottage by using the online reservation service.
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