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Useful links for tourists who are going to Moscow

Moscow, the capital of Russia, is the most visited city of the country. We collected information about online services that you may find helpful if you are planning a trip to Moscow.

Where to stay in Moscow

Arriving in Moscow, tourists usually stay in hotels and hostels, or rent apartments for a short time. You can find, compare and choose accommodation in Moscow before the trip (online). We also recommend you to read customer reviews, before booking a hotel (hostel, apartment).

Review: Hotels near Red Square in Moscow.

How to get to Moscow

How to get to Moscow? The choice of transportation depends on the place of your departure. We offer you several online services, through which you can buy tickets without leaving home.

How do you plan to get from the airport or train station to your place of residence? Most likely by public transport. But if you travel with a group (family), or you have a lot of luggage, then it may be more convenient for you to order a transfer (taxi, minibus). You can also do this before the trip, online.
Order a transfer from the airport (railway station).

Travel company in Moscow

What will you do in Moscow? It's better to think in advance. But there is another option to prepare for a trip to Moscow. Entrust this matter to specialists.
Specialists of tourist firms daily engaged in the service of tourists. They know very well what you are interested in and what can be useful to you.

Among the services offered are: hotel booking, group and individual transfer organization, group tours in Moscow and the suburbs, sightseeing tours around Russia from Moscow and much more.

We recommend: Tours to Moscow. (Look for a switch to the English and German languages at the top of the page.)

Theater tickets

Quite possibly you will want to visit any theater, concert or other event in Moscow. It is possible to buy tickets for many performances, concerts, festivals and competitions on the Internet (online).
Check out more information here.

Guide to Moscow

It may be useful for you to get acquainted with information about Moscow for tourists.
In our guide you will find information about the most popular places and sights, information about museums and theaters, information about railway stations and airports, as well as the metro map and map of Moscow.

The route planner will help you to make a route across Moscow. (Find out how to get to the place you need.)

What is happening now in Russia? How are things going? What is truth, and what are lies? It's better to come and see for yourself.



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