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Where to escape from hot weather?

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The weather forecast predicts that it will be very hot in southern Europe this summer. The heat will hit the most popular holiday destinations. It will be especially hot in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea: Italy, Greece, and the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

But you don't need to suffer from sweltering heat. There are places with comfortable temperatures in Europe.

It's too hot in many Europe countries now. Hot weather is hard to endure. It can even be dangerous to health. If you are tired of the heat, or if the hot weather is contraindicated to you for health reasons, you can go to cooler places. We have prepared several options where you can escape from the heat.

Sweden and the Norwegian Fjords

Travel to Sweden and Norway. Summer is the best time to visit the Scandinavian countries. You can make a trip on the route Stockholm - Oslo - Sognefjord - Copenhagen. The program includes an excursion by boat to the fjord of Neurofjord - the most popular and picturesque arm departing from Sognefjord. The cost of the tour is from 600 euros per person. But the price does not include tickets from your place of residence in Stockholm and return flight from Copenhagen.

Trip to Finland

Tourists from European countries make up the largest group of foreign tourists in Finland. You can rent a house on the shore of a lake in the Lakes region ofFinland or on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It can be a calm, pleasant, relaxing holiday without the heat bothering you.

Lapland, the northern region of Finland, is very popular among residents of southern European and Asian countries. The northern tundra is a special type of landscape and nature. Hiking in Finnish national parks if you love nature and an active lifestyle.

Arctic and Antarctic sea cruises

Sea cruises to the far north and far south also give you the opportunity to cool off and experience new emotions.
Cruises to Antarctica can be operated, for example, from Argentine ports.
You can look for cruises to the North Pole and the Arctic in the ports of Norway, Sweden and the USA.

Sometimes, during these cruises you can watch whales.

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