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Where to escape from the heat?

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It's too hot in many countries of Europe now. Hot weather is hard to endure. It can even be dangerous to health. If you are tired of the heat, or if the hot weather is contraindicated to you for health reasons, you can go to cooler places. We have prepared several options where you can escape from the heat.

Sweden and the Norwegian Fjords

A trip to Sweden and Norway. Summer is the best time to visit the Scandinavian countries. You can make a trip on the route Stockholm - Oslo - Sognefjord - Copenhagen. The program includes an excursion by boat to the fjord of Neurofjord - the most popular and picturesque arm departing from Sognefjord. The cost of the tour is from 600 euros per person. But the price does not include tickets from your place of residence in Stockholm and return flight from Copenhagen.

Very popular trips to Sweden by bus from St. Petersburg. The route usually passes from Petersburg to the Finnish city of Turku, then by ferry to Stockholm and return by ferry through Helsinki.

Trip to Finland

Finland is popular with residents of the northwestern region of Russia. In summer you can rent a house on the shore of the lake. In winter, Russian residents often go to local ski resorts.

In Finland there are several large water parks, in which the Russians loved to spend time before the crisis. More often, lovers of recreation on the water came to water parks in the winter, but the weather this summer leaves no choice. You can swim this summer in the north of Europe only in the water park. Among the most popular: Serena, Flamingo (Helsinki), Holiday Club Caribia (Turku), Imatran Kylpylä (Imatra).

Book a room in the Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo (next to the Flamingo Entertainment Center in Helsinki) for July at a price of 10 thousand rubles per day. The cost of the room in the recreation center Imatran Kylpylä starts from about 7 thousand rubles (the price includes breakfast and a visit to the water park).

A trip to Finland is very simple to organize independently, if there is a Schengen visa. On how to get to Helsinki and other cities of Finland, read on our website.

North-West of Russia

Come to St. Petersburg! This summer it's not hot at all. The city is well prepared for the tourist season this year. Every weekend in the city there are many interesting events. You should definitely go to the suburbs, Peterhof and Pushkin. You can do it yourself, or buy an excursion from a local tour operator.

Do not forget about museums and theaters. We can advise the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky and Hermitage theaters, but do not limit yourself to this short list. If time allows, you can go to the city of Vyborg and see the famous Vyborg Castle. (Unfortunately, the castle tower is closed now (2017) for restoration.)

From St. Petersburg, you can make a trip by boat to the island of Valaam (monastery), to Petrozavodsk and Kizhi (the famous wooden church on the island on Lake Onega).

Useful links: a guide to St. Petersburg, useful online services for travelers.

If you need something special

Are not you interested in such normal routes as those mentioned above? If you have a few extra million, you can make a trip to the North Pole on the icebreaker. Route: Murmansk - Barents Sea - Arctic Ocean - North Pole - Arctic Ocean - Franz Josef Land - Barents Sea - Murmansk. The cost of the tour is from 1.2 million rubles per person. The price does not include tickets to Murmansk.

Excursion tours to the North Pole, Lake Baikal and other cities and countries can be tried here.

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