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"Scandic Oslo Airport" hotel was nominated for Innovation Prize

Submitted by Visit Plus on Mon, 09/05/2011 - 09:43

"Scandic Oslo Airport" hotel was the winner of competition conducted by the Norwegian Design Council in the category "Furniture". Winner in each category are automatically nominated for the competition Design Prize 2011.

The Norwegian Design Council is the body responsible for implementing a new Norwegian projects to identify those who apply innovative, accessible, user-friendly solutions in the production of goods and services.

The prize is awarded to those who has innovative and creative approach to the production of products and services that contribute to a more open society. It is awarded on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Children, equality and social inclusion. The prize will be awarded at a special event in DogA (Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture) November 17 this year.

The jury noted that the Scandic Oslo Airport shows how modern architecture can be combined with the versatility of design. In this design, good quality, reasonable solutions for product design, interior design, architecture and functional solutions to lead the production of user-friendly product.

Scandic Hotel has provided comfort hotel for all user groups and set a new standard for universal design when designing the hotel . The jury believes that the hotel is a landmark project because it shows that competitive advantage and increased profitability can be achieved by including in the business strategy of all types of guests.
The hotel was designed by and for people with impaired vision, hearing and mobility.

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