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The tourist season of summer 2022 seems to be starting well in Greece

Submitted by Visit Plus on Tue, 05/10/2022 - 16:09

The tourist season of summer 2022 seems to be starting well in Greece. For example, tourists from different countries of Europe already come to the islands of Crete and Rhodes. It is hoped that the Greek islands will be able to attract as many tourists to spend their summer holidays as they did before the pandemic.

Bookings for holidays in Greece have increased significantly as summer 2022 approaches. The number of passengers at Greek airports in April 2022 was only slightly less than in 2019. The growth continues in May. It is possible that Greece will be The number one holiday destination in Europe this year (or one of the most popular for sure).


It is predicted that the airports of Athens, Thessaloniki, Rhodes and Heraklion will receive the most international arrivals this spring and summer. Greece will be a popular drop off destination for residents of the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland (as well as other European countries). Will tourists arrive from the US and Canada? We will know this only by autumn.

Passenger traffic at the airport of Chania (Greece, Crete) returned to approximately the level of 2019 in April this year.
Most passengers arrived from the UK - (17,387 people), followed by Germans (7,236 people), Finns (7,473 people), Danes (7,369 people). , Poles (5980 people), Swedes (3147 people), French (2937 people), Norwegians (2396 people), Cypriots (2374 people) and Irish (1833 people).

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