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Fly to Europe from the USA

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 03/29/2018 - 21:19

To go on vacation in Europe from the US is not so expensive as it seems at first. A large price war forces air carriers to reduce prices and sell tickets. Tickets for flights of many airlines (American, Delta, United, Swiss Air, KLM, Air France) can sometimes be purchased at fairly competitive prices, with good luck.

Flights at reasonably favorable prices can be bought in many popular cities in Europe. Air ticket sales are a good chance to visit the cities of France, Spain, Italy, Germany or the UK for US residents. Tickets round trip could be bought at a price of 300 - 400 dollars. The hotel room can also be booked at a discount during the off-season.

Where (in which countries and cities in Europe) is better to go this summer? If you want to combine beach holidays and sightseeing, you can go to Spain (Barcelona, ​​Malaga), Italy, Greece or Cyprus. Those who are interested in history and culture can be recommended to visit Rome, Venice, London, Berlin. You will see many interesting things in other cities. For example, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, St. Petersburg.

Take a look at the cheapest flights from the USA to Europe for this year.


In fact, this is only a small part of the tourist destination of Europe, which may be of interest to tourists from the United States. By the way, the World Cup will be held this summer in Russia.


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