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On vacation in Greece - tourist activities, tours, flights, hotels

Greece is one of the most beloved countries for vacationing in Europe. The tourist season in Greece lasts approximately from May to November. But many tourists come to Greece at other times of the year, not for a beach holiday, but for visiting historical places. If you are planning a holiday trip to Greece, you will get links to useful online services here.

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The most popular places, islands and cities of Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece. Athens is not the most popular destination for beach lovers. Tourists are more attracted to Athens by museums and attractions: the Dionysus Theater, the Parthenon, the Witless Temple of Nicky, the Lycabettus Hill, the Olympic Stadium, the Erechteon, the Odeon of Herodotus Atticus and the Acropolis.

At a distance of 15 - 20 kilometers from Athens there are excellent sandy beaches. So it's also good place to spend summer vacation in this region.

Loutraki. Loutraki is one of the popular Greek resorts, which is located on the mainland (not on the islands). The resort town is located about 90 kilometers from Athens. You can either spend time on the beach or rent a car and go to Athens yourself.

Halkidiki is a peninsula in the northeast of Greece. Halkidiki is a popular European resort area. There are many large and small beaches (specify when choosing a place for holidays) and 20 monasteries in the rocks of the Athos peninsula. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. Most tourists traveling to Halkidiki arrive through the airport of Thessaloniki.

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Greek islands are the most popular places to spend holidays. The most popular islands are Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, Santorini, Zakynthos.

Crete (Κρήτη) - the largest island in Greece, the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. The administrative center of the island is the city of Heraklion. The distance from the island to the mainland part of Greece is about 110 km, to Turkey about 175 km, from Africa about 300 km. The coast of the island is quite rocky. Many beaches are located in between the rocks and are small in size. On the island there are also great beaches (for example, in the region of Rethymnon).
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Stavros Beach, Crete

On the photo is one of the beaches near the city of Chania.

The island of Rhodes is one of the most popular summer destinations for residents of European countries. The island is located on the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, near the coast of Turkey. The administrative center of the island is the city of Rhodes. In Rhodes town there is an international airport and a seaport. The island can be reached by sea to Turkey. One of the attractions of the island is the Old Town of Rhodes. One of the most popular resorts of the island is the village of Faliraki.
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The bay at Rhodes

In the photo: the bay on the island of Rhodes, near Faliraki.

Corfu Island (also known as Kerkyra) is located in the western part of Greece, in the Ionian Sea and is one of the most popular resorts in Greece. The island has an elongated shape (the longest length of the island is about 65 kilometers). The shortest distance from the island to the mainland (Albania) is about 3 kilometers. The administrative center of the island is the city of Corfu (also called Kerkir).

Santorini. The island of Santorini (also Fira, Thira, Θήρα) is located in the Aegean Sea, about 200 kilometers from the mainland of Greece. In fact, Santorini is a group of islands, the largest of which is called Thira (Thira). The name Santorini was given to the island in the 13th century by the name of the Saint Irene church located here.

Currently, the name Santorini applies to a group of islands and to the island of Fira. In 2011, the BBC named the island "the best island in the world" ("the world's best island").


There are many good, beachfront hotels in Greece. You can easily find the right one for yourself. Some hotels may be closed in winter.
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Holiday Homes

Many vacationers prefer to stay in homes rather than in hotels during their holidays. You can maintain your usual lifestyle if you book a private house, not a hotel room.

Vacation homes are in great demand and must be booked in advance. The popularity of homes and boutique hotels has increased especially after COVID-19.


There are airports close to all the popular tourist destinations in Greece. This is a popular destination, so flights to Greece are carried out by many airlines in Europe. You can find a flight for the dates you need at a price that suits you here.

Get from the airport to the hotel

How do you plan to get from the airport to the hotel? The cheapest way to go by bus. But if you travel with your children or if you have a large suitcase, we would recommend you take a taxi (or rent a car 🚗 at the airport).
🚕 You can find out the price and order a taxi in advance online.

Guided tours

A guided tour will make your trip more interesting. This is especially true for countries with a rich history such as Greece. No travel guide gives you as much information as a local guide. Don't miss the opportunity to make your holiday in Greece enjoyable.

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