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Fly to the FIFA World Cup 2018

Submitted by Visit Plus on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 22:28

The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be held in Russia. Most of the football fans have never been to Russia and this is a good reason to visit Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi or other cities. Tickets for the plane are quite expensive. We checked at what price it is possible to buy tickets from the USA to Moscow (the cheapest flights). The prices are constantly changing, so check the airfare yourself.

The distance between New York (JFK) and Moscow (SVO) is approximately 4670 miles (7,600 kilometers). The direct flight time is about 9 hours. Indirect flights are made with an intermediate landing in London, Helsinki or other cities.

We found the cheapest tickets for a round trip at a price of 871 US dollars. Flights are performed by Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, LOT.

Perhaps you can find tickets at a better price, but perhaps these tickets will end.

Flights to Russia from the west coast are much more expensive. We checked the cost of flights from Los Angeles. The cheapest tickets (round trip) you can buy at a price of 1163 US dollars.

Football matches will be held in different cities. If you have tickets for football matche, you can get a free train ticket. But the train ride will take a long time. The fastest and most convenient mode of transport (in most cases) is an airplane.

How much are flights from Moscow to (for example) Sochi? The cheapest tickets from Moscow to Sochi and back we found at the price of 123 US dollars.

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. Maybe you want to visit St. Petersburg. The city is worth your attention. Getting from Moscow to St. Petersburg (and in the opposite direction) is most convenient on the train. Both high-speed and ordinary trains run between these cities.

Trains depart from Leningradsky Station in Moscow and from Moscow Station in St. Petersburg. Trains Moscow - Helsinki pass through St. Petersburg also, but stop at the Ladoga railway station in St. Petersburg.
You can move between Moscow and St. Petersburg by plane and by bus too.

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