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St. Petersburg "Pulkovo" Airport - how to get to

The airport of St. Petersburg Pulkovo is located to the south of the city, at a distance of about 10 kilometers from Moscovkaya metro station. The distance from the airport to the city center is about 20 kilometers, to the northern regions (Parnas metro station) about 40 kilometers.

How to get from the airport to the place you need in the city (or back to the airport)?

By taxi

Taxi is the most convenient mode of transport for passengers. This type of transport has many advantages, which make it in many cases the only convenient option for you.

  • The taxi will take you to the desired place (hotel, your house) in the city or the nearest settlements.
  • Carriage of luggage will not give you any problems. (Imagine how you will move around with your suitcases in the subway and on the bus.)
  • Taxi is especially convenient for passengers with children.
  • If you are several people, then the cost of travel you can divide by all members of the group.
  • A taxi will take you from the airport (to the airport at any time of the day, including at night (when public transport does not work).

You can find a taxi at the exit from the airport arrival area. Racks "Taxi Pulkovo" are available in the baggage claim hall and in the terminal arrival hall. In the arrival zone you will also find many taxi drivers from different companies (they will find you and offer you their services).

You can book a taxi 🚕 from the airport (to the airport) even before the flight to the Internet. You can also choose the type of car and find out the cost of transportation. In the process of ordering a taxi, select the necessary options: child seat, English-speaking driver, reverse transfer, additional waiting time at the airport, drinking water.
The driver will meet you in the airport arrival area.

By car

The airport is near the city and it is not difficult to get there by car. The congress to the airport is made from Pulkovskoye highway (continuation of Moskovsky Prospekt).

The car can be parked in paid parking, but it is quite expensive. Near the airport terminal there are both open and covered parking for both short-term and long-term parking.

If you are brought (picked up) by car: For fast (1-2 minutes) disembarkation or meeting of passengers, you can drive up to the terminal. While driving on the road to the terminal, keep to the right. Stop at the entrance gate, press the button and take the ticket. A coupon will be required upon departure from the airport. Parking of cars at the entrances to Terminal-1 is prohibited.

(Warning: The author of the article knows cases when the car was "stuck" in a traffic jam on the bypass road and passengers were late for the plane.)

By bus

Why should you spend money on a taxi? Do not you know how to use public transport? The metro station Moskovskaya can be reached by bus. Bus number 39 stops near the exit from the airport arrival area. But the buses run from about 5:30 am to 1 am.

Metro in St. Petersburg - useful information and metro map.

You can buy a bus ticket right on the bus for cash. The fare was 40 rubles in 2018.

Attention: Bus number 39e follows without intermediate stops. If the van needs to be driven, for example, to the Pulkovskaya Hotel choose bus number 39.

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