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What district of the city to choose for your stay when you travel to St. Petersburg

Where is the best place to stay in St. Petersburg? In which district of the city is it best to book a hotel or to rent an apartment? The answer to this question seems obvious - the center of the city, next to Nevsky Prospekt.

While living in this area of ​​the city you can walk along Nevsky Prospekt, visit the most beautiful places at any time of the day. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the number of rooms in hotels in the city center is limited, and the prices are quite high.

In St. Petersburg, there are many places that can be convenient for living both for tourists and for visitors with other purposes to people (for study, on a business trip).

Metro in St. Petersburg is functioning well and the cost of transportation is low. You can choose a hotel or apartments in any part of the city, if only they were within walking distance from the metro station. It is best if this station is on the same line with the station in the place of your main destination. From any remote metro station to the city center you can drive in half an hour.

For example:

  • The Admiralteyskaya station is on the purple metro line. (Palace Square, St. Isaac's Cathedral, western part of Nevsky Prospekt).
  • Novokrestovskaya Station (Zenit Arena), Gostiny Dvor (the central part of the Nevsky Prospekt) and Mayakovskaya on the Green Line of the Metro.
  • Stations Gorkovskaya (Peter and Paul Fortress) and Nevsky Prospekt - on the Blue Line.
  • The red metro line also provides access to the city center without a transfer.

Choose a hotel near any metro station, at a distance of no more than one kilometer from the station.
The closer to the center - the less time you will spend on the road.
Near to some stations there are interesting places. (For example: the Begovaya station - the park of the 300th anniversary of Petersburg, the Victory Park station - Moscow Victory Park.

The Metro in St. Petersburg starts working around 05:30 and ends right after midnight. Sometimes, during the days of mass events, the work of the metro is prolonged. If the mode of operation of the metro coincides with your schedule, then there is no serious need for living in the center. Choosing another area for living can give you substantial savings.

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If you are planning to come to St. Petersburg by car, you should also keep in mind that parking in the city center can be paid or free places can be difficult to find.


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