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How to make money on travel

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 07/25/2018 - 19:42

Making money on your own travels is the dream of many young people. What can you still dream about? You visit different cities and countries, admire the sights, bathe in different seas and sunbathe on the best beaches. You share your experience (your joy) with other people (who sit at home and also want to travel) and get paid for it.

Is it real or not? Yes and no.

Yes, you can earn on your travel

It is best to create your own site and place advertising on the site. You will receive money for the fact that visitors to your site see ads and click on advertisements. The most popular in the Internet services for advertising are Googlt Adsense and the Yandex advertising network.

Another type of earnings is the sale of services that are necessary for travelers: air tickets, hotel booking, medical insurance, bus and train tickets and of course package tours.

You do not have to sell these services yourself. It is enough to connect to one of the services for site owners. For example, Admitad or Travelveld.

Travelpayouts is (in my opinion) the best partner program for owners of tourist sites. (You will find offers not only for Russian sites, but also for sites in other languages.) Follow the link, register and get access to a large selection of services and products. You will receive a small percentage of almost every sale.

Why your site, not a group in a social network? Only your site will give you the opportunity to place any links and scripts (on other services there may be restrictions).

No, you can not earn

Earning on travel is an illusion. The fact is that:

The competition is very high. What competitive advantages do you have? To get a noticeable income you need a large number of visitors.
As soon as you start to receive notable income, large sites will intercept money-bringing visitors. They can be placed higher in search results for their credibility with search engines and with the help of advertising.
The experience of many people shows that it is easier to earn in the real sector of the economy, and not on the Internet.

But, maybe you will succeed. Why not try it. Moreover, making your site now is not difficult. Connect to the affiliate program and start earning.



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