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Guided tours in Helsinki

You will certainly want to go on one or several excursions during your trip to Helsinki. Here you can get acquainted with the assortment of tours, choose and book a tour. You can also buy tickets to some attractions online. Have a good time in Helsinki.

As elsewhere, the most popular among tourists are sightseeing tours around the city. They allow you to get acquainted with the main attractions in a short time with the help of a professional guide. They (sightseeing tours) can be bus, pedestrian or bicycle tours.

The central part of Helsinki occupies a rather small territory, and you can visit many interesting places on foot. On our website ( you will find information about the main sights of the city, as well as a map showing the location of attractions, hotels, shopping centers and the port.

Helsinki is a city by the sea. Therefore, it is very popular sea walks in the summer. Some places can be visited only by boat. Also by sea you can get to Stockholm, St. Petersburg or to Tallinn.


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