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Where is the best to book hotels?

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sun, 08/19/2018 - 15:07

In the Internet there are many hotels booking sites. Which service is best? On which site is it best to look for a place to stay on a trip? Experienced travelers have already made their choice and know the answer - BookingCom Recomendations.

There are many online hotel reservation services in the world. This is largely misleading. In fact, there are only two main online booking services in the world. In recent years (or decades), all the most successful booking services have been bought by two world giants: Priceline Group and Expedia Inc.

  • Booking Holdings Inc. owns, among others, the services of,,
  • Expedia Inc owns, Orbitz, Travelocity, and others.

As a result of these mergers, search technologies are distributed among partner sites. Thus, although there are dozens of hotels booking sites, in fact, it all boils down to only two big world players.

Many sites only use the data and programs provided by these companies.

The BookingCom company is now the world leader in places to stay search and booking field. On the site you can find and book not only hotels, but also hostels, apartments (competitor Airbnb), cottages. also provides a convenient and reliable reservation service, but is less popular in Europe. (The site can show the cost of living without taxes.)

The cheapest price is not always better. Reliability and security are even more important for tourists than the price. The BuckingCom company provides a good customer support service. In case of problems, hotels often prefer to resolve issues on their own, without waiting for the client's request to BuckingCom.

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Compare prices on different sites

Still want to compare prices on different online booking sites? For this purpose, convenient online services are also created.

The World Travel Award annually monitors the situation and compares various services useful for tourists. The winner of the nomination "The best site for comparing hotel prices" was repeatedly the site RoomGuru Recomendations (HotelsCombined).

We also recommend that you pay attention to the Hotellook service. This service sometimes allows you to book rooms in resort hotels at prices lower than the official prices of the hotel (but, usually, not at the peak of the tourist season).

It should be noted that after comparing prices, most people book on the website of BuckingCom.

Hotel-Booking apps

For many travellers, their smartphone is the most useful device. You can book a hotel (and buy airplane tickets) using your smartphone. Install the application for mobile devices for greater convenience in preparing for travel. All applications are tested, reliable and safe.
Useful link Download: for iPhone or for Android.

flihts This will also be useful for you: applications for finding flights and buying air tickets - for iPhone or for Android.

Book on the hotel's website

If you constantly use the services of hotels of the same network, then you better book directly on the site of this hotel chain. Probably you can get some advantages in such a case as a regular customer.

Be careful. In recent years, the Internet has been the publication of frequent cases of fraud when booking hotels. Criminals create a fake hotel site and steal tourists money when booking.

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