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E-visa to Russia

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 10/20/2018 - 09:43

Citizens of many countries need to get a visa to visit Russia. At the same time, residents of 18 countries can get an e-visa. E-visa greatly simplifies obtaining a permit. You can do it yourself, via the Internet, and usually for free.

Citizens of the following countries can receive an electronic visa (2018):
1. Bahrain
2. Brunei
3. India
4. Iran
5. Qatar
6. The People's Republic of China
7. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea
8. Kuwait
9. Morocco
10. Mexico
11. The United Arab Emirates
12. Oman
13. Saudi Arabia
14. Singapore
15. Tunisia
16. Turkey
17. Japan

Follow the link to get an e-visa.

Russia is considering the possibility of abolishing visas for citizens of other countries (including the United States and Europe), but on the principles of reciprocity.

Citizens of a number of countries do not need a visa to visit Russia. Some cities, such as St. Petersburg, can be obtained without a visa on a cruise ship.


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