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Guided tours in Prague

How to learn a lot about Prague in a short time, easily and with pleasure? No need to spend time studying guidebooks. Just join one of the guided tours. A professional guide will show you the most interesting places of the city and tell you a lot of interesting information about the city, which you can not find in any guidebook.

The most popular tours in Prague

As in any other big city, the most popular and useful excursions in Prague are short, sightseeing tours. They can be both bus and pedestrian tours. But, unlike many other cities, it is impossible to see many places in Prague from the bus. Many places can only be reached on foot.

If you have such an opportunity, you should visit both the bus and walking tours. Tourists are also offered combined, bus - walking tours. The cost of admission to museums can sometimes be included in the cost of the tour.

Theme tours

Some tours are dedicated to a specific topic or a particular place. Most often it is the Old Town, Prague Castle or Vysehrad.
There are excursions dedicated to works of modern art (usually sculpture), gastronomic tours (breweries and bars), or boat trips on the Vltava River.

Do your want something special? You can also book a flight over the city on a small plane (for two to three people). This is a unique opportunity to see the castles and palaces of the Czech Republic, the Elbe River, as well as all the main attractions of the city from a bird's eye view.

From Prague to other cities

You may want to visit other cities if you have a long enough stay in Prague. Most often, tourists are offered group, bus tours to Dresden, Vienna and Munich. This can be a one-day or two-day tour.

You can easily buy a tour on the Prague, after arriving in the Czech Republic. You can get acquainted with the proposed range and approximate prices for excursions on the Internet. You can choose and book your tour in advance online.

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