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New tourist tax in Venice

Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 01/05/2019 - 16:43

A trip to Venice will probably cost more soon. A new tourist tax is planned to be introduced in Venice. It is assumed that the tax will take effect from July 2019. The tax is from 2.5 EUR to 10 EUR per person (depending on the season). At the peak of the tourist season (including the Venice Carnival), tourists will pay more, at other times - less.

Updated 2024:
The Covid-19 pandemic prevented these plans, but Venice did not give up on receiving additional tourists.
Paid entrance fees to Venice will begin in spring 2024.
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Purpose: to get money from those who come to Venice for just one day and do not spend the night in hotels. (Do not pay the tourist tax.) The tax will be paid by those who arrive in Venice by cruise ships (as well as other modes of transport).

Tax will be paid only by tourists. Tax will not be paid by students, and those who come to Venice for work (business). Presumably, those who arrive in Venice via the airport will not pay tax either.

The new tax was named tassa di sbarco.

The new tax will bring Venice a triple benefit.

  • The city will receive additional income.
  • There will be fewer tourists in the city.
  • If fewer poor tourists come to the city, more rich people will arrive. (Rich tourists bring more revenue.)

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