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Monaco and Monte Carlo

Where are Monaco and Monte Carlo? Are they in France or anywhere else. There is nothing that many of us have such questions. Most of us have never been to Monaco. But nowadays it is not difficult if there is a desire.

The Principality of Monaco (Principauté de Monaco) is an independent state. It is located in the south of Europe, on the Mediterranean coast, between Nice (France) and San Remo (Italy). Monaco is surrounded by land on the territory of France, in the southeast is the Mediterranean Sea. The distance to the border of Italy is about 9 kilometers. Monaco is one of the smallest countries in Europe. (The smallest is the Vatican.)

Monaco is a popular place for spending free time among wealthy Europeans. Here is the popular casino (Monte Carlo). The Formula One car racing championship stage - the Monaco Grand Prix is ​​also held annually in Monaco.

Distance from Monaco to some cities (distance by air):

  • Nice - 20 kilometers.
  • Paris (France) - 690 kilometers (430 miles).
  • New York - 6,440 kilometers (4,000 miles).
  • Rome - 460 kilometers (287 miles).
  • Moscow is 2520 kilometers (1566 miles).
  • Helsinki - 2170 kilometers (1350 miles).

Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world. The area of ​​the country is about 2 km². (For comparison: Central Park in New York - 3.4 km2). The coastline is about 4 kilometers. The country's territory has increased slightly in recent years, due to the drainage of marine areas.

Monte Carlo (Monte-Carlou) is the most famous district of Monaco. Here are: casino, opera house, National Museum of Fine Arts. The famous international circus festival is held in Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo Rally starts and finishes in the area. Here is the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix circuit.

Monaco can be reached by rail or bus from many cities in France and Italy.

The nearest airport is near the city of Nice.



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