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Venice introduces advance booking system and entrance fee

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Submitted by Visit Plus on Sat, 02/09/2019 - 12:58

Venice introduces a pre-booking system (entrance ticket) for visiting the city for tourists. Entrance to the city will be paid. The number of tickets (for visiting the city) may be limited. The cost of admission can be up to 10 euros.

Updated 2024:
The Covid-19 pandemic prevented these plans, but Venice did not give up on receiving additional tourists.
Paid entrance fees to Venice will begin in spring 2024.
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According to Mayor Luigi Brugnaro, this step is aimed at tracking the number of visitors, managing the flow of tourists and making the city “more comfortable for life” (“... not to make money”).

Tourists who stay overnight in hotels in the city and already pay a tourist tax in their hotel will not have to pay a new tax. The fee for visiting the city is provided for those who have not booked a hotel stay in the city. (These can be tours, cruise ships passengers and independent tourists from other cities.)

Useful tip Book a hotel in the city in order not to pay extra for entrance.

Entrance fee is scheduled to enter from May 2019. The price will initially be fixed, 3 euros, until the end of the year.

Prices will be increased in 2020. It is planned that the fare will vary depending on the number of tourists. The standard fee will be 6 euros at a time when there are few tourists. The entrance fee will increase to 8 euros at the peak of the tourist season and even up to 10 euros on the busiest days of the year. The cost of admission may be 3 euros on days when the number of tourists is especially small.

There will be supervisors. Supervisors will check if the tourist has paid for the ticket. Fines will be provided for violators.

Residents of Venice and the Veneto region, local workers, students and family members of local residents will be exempt from the entrance fee.
Children under six years of age, disabled persons and accompanying persons, patients of medical institutions, participants in sports competitions, law enforcement officers, firefighters and volunteers will not pay for visiting the city. It is possible that those born in Venice will not pay either.

Will there be less willing to visit Venice after the introduction of the fee? It is impossible to predict.

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