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Athens can be a popular summer destination

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 05/01/2019 - 08:23

Most tourists choose the Greek islands, such as Crete, Kos, Rhodes and Corfu, going on a summer vacation to Greece. At the same time, the potential of Athens remains underestimated. The capital region of Greece can become a popular resort destination for residents of European countries.

Athens is not the most popular tourist destination in the summer in Greece. But at the same time, the city is located near the sea. You can reach the beach in less than half an hour. Tourists can make short trips to other places while living in or near Athens.

Athens is probably undervalued as a summer vacation destination. Tourists may like the opportunity to spend time on the beaches of Attica, to visit the Greek islands and cultural events in the capital of Greece. Tourists will (presumably) come to Athens more often in spring, summer and autumn in the near future.

For example, Vouliagmeni beach is located at a distance of approximately 20 kilometers from the center of Athens. The beach is relatively easy to reach by public transport. Get to Elliniko station on the subway, take the 122 bus then.


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