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Guided tours in Cyprus

You shouldn't spend your holiday in Cyprus all the time on the beach. Most tourists buy at least one tour. You can visit the most interesting places on the island and learn a lot about the history and places of Cyprus. You can also ask questions to an expert who knows the topic well.

Most of tours on this page are in English. But maybe you can find a tour on other languages here too. Check all details when ordering a tour.

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Cyprus is not such a big island. You can visit anywhere living in any city. Of course, the tour cannot cover all the interesting places and cities. That's why you have to decide which attractions are most interesting to you.
The best thing to do is to explore the range and prices of excursions offered to travelers in advance (on the Internet). You can buy a tour when you arrive at the place or online.

What are the most popular trips in Cyprus? As elsewhere, the most popular are group bus tours. It is nice and pleasant to spend time in a nice bus, listen to the story of the guide and take good photos.

Most tourists go to South Cyprus during their holidays. But visiting Northern Cyprus is also possible. You will certainly find offers for such tours on the Internet.

Paphos | Ayia Napa | Limassol | Cyprus | Hotels | Flights

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