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Sevcable Port events venue

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Sevkabel port (Севкабель Порт) is a place where various events are held for the public in St. Petersburg. People come here to spend their free time with pleasure (or with benefit). Festivals, concerts, exhibitions, lectures and other events are held on the territory of Sevcable Port. Some of these events are free, some are paid. Entrance to the territory is free.

"Sevkabel Port" is located in the southern part of Vasilievsky Island, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, near the Marine Station and not far from Lenexpo. The distance to the Vasileostrovskaya metro station is about 3.2 kilometers, to the Primorskaya metro station is about 4 kilometers. You can get from the Primorskaya metro station to Sevkabel Port on the trolleybus number 10.

To get to Sevkabel Port from Nevsky Prospekt, you can take bus number 7 or a trolleybus of routes No. 10 or No. 11, get to the Maritime Station and then walk (about 400 meters).

In summer, during navigation, you can also get to Sevcable Port by boat. Tickets can be bought in advance on the Internet.

If you intend to get to Sevcable Port by your car, you should keep in mind that it will be difficult for you to find a parking place during the days of the most interesting events.

Sevkabel Port

Sevcable Port occupies a fairly large territory. On this territory there is a walking area on the waterfront, several rooms where events are held and cafes and restaurants located.

Being in an open area on the seashore can be uncomfortable in bad weather.

Sevkabel Port

Address: Leather line, 40.

There is also an open air venue for concerts Roof Place near Sevcable Port. The roof area has a tent-dome, but does not have full shelter from rain and wind. Dress according to the weather, take an umbrella or raincoat with you. You can buy a concert ticket online.

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