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The best restaurants in St. Petersburg 2019

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 11/28/2019 - 22:18

What are the best restaurants in St. Petersburg? Different people may have their own opinion.
There are different ratings for the popularity of restaurants. Top 10 winners of the WHERETOEAT ST. PETERSBURG 2019 was named December 26th. You can agree with this rating or not, but the opinion of experts matters:

1 - Birch Restaurant. Average price per person $20. Address: Kirochnaya street, 3. Nearest metro station: Chernyshevskaya.

2 - Bourgeois Bohemians Restaurant (BOBO). Average price per person $25. Address: 15. Vilensky Lane. Nearest metro stations: Chernyshevskaya, Ploshchad Vosstaniya.

3 - Cococo restaurant. Average price per person $25. Address: Voznesensky Prospekt 6. Nearest metro station: Admiralteyskaya. (The restaurant moves to New Holland.)

4 - Harvest Restaurant. Average price per person $20. Address: 11. Dobrolyubova. Nearest metro station: Sportivnaya.

5 - Probka Restaurant. Address: Zoological Lane 2/4. Nearest metro stations: Sportivnaya, Gorkovskaya.

6 - Il Lago dei Cigni Restaurant. Address: Krestovsky Island, Krestovsky Prospekt, 21 Building B. Nearest metro station: Krestovsky Island, Novokrestovsky.

7 - Mr.Bo. Restaurant. Address: Manezhny Lane, 2. Nearest metro station: Chernyshevskaya.

8 - Jerome Restaurant. Address: Bolshaya Morskaya, 25. Nearest metro station: Admiralteyskaya.

9 - Tartarbar Restaurant. Average price per person $20. Address: Vilensky Lane, 15. Nearest metro station: Chernyshevskaya.

10 - Percorso Restaurant. The restaurant is located at Four Seasons Hotel. Address: Voznesensky Prospekt 1. Nearest metro station: Admiralteyskaya.

WHERETOEAT National Award is a rating of the best restaurants in Moscow and St. Petersburg.


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