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Guided tours in Stockholm

You definitely need to walk along the streets of the Old Town and the embankments of Stockholm yourself. But, if you have enough free time, then it would be nice to buy one of the guided tours. A professional guide will tell you a lot of interesting things about the city, show you the most beautiful places and tell you where you can take beautiful photos.

The range of excursions is quite wide, but it can be divided into several categories.

  • It can be walking, bus or combined tour.
  • It can be sightseeing tours or tours dedicated to one place, one topic.
  • It can be excursions in the Old Town, on the island of Djurgarden or in several areas of the city.

Do not forget the tickets for tourist buses operating on the principle of Hop-On-Hop-Off.

In order not to lose time, you can choose and book a tour in advance, via the Internet. Links to popular sites for searching excursions can be found here.

Stockholm | Old Town | City Map | Hotels | Taxi

We highly recommend boat trips if you are in Stockholm in the summer. The city looks special from the ship. You will get pleasant emotions, unforgettable impressions and great photos.

Stockholm | Old Town | City Map | Hotels | Taxi

Tickets for concerts and festivals in Sweden

Here you can buy online tickets for some festivals and concerts. (Stockholm, Malmö and other cities.)

Stockholm | Old Town | City Map | Hotels | Taxi

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