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Maslenitsa in St. Petersburg - places to visit

Maslenitsa is perhaps the most popular folk festival in Russia. In the old days, this was an occasion to have fun and eat delicious food before fasting. Today it is another holiday, an occasion to spend time with pleasure and a meeting of spring.

Maslenitsa is celebrated from February 20 to February 26 in 2023. Key events for the public will be organized on the weekend of February 25-26. The culmination of the holiday is Sunday, February 26.

Maslenitsa in St Petersburg

Details of planned events are not yet available. Any previously scheduled event may be cancelled. Entry may be limited.

What to do at Maslenitsa? Visit one of the places where festivities will take place, try pancakes and (if desired) take part in the celebration. Sunday's most notable event is the burning of a scarecrow. (Tip: do not get involved in alcohol, so as not to spoil the holiday yourself and others.)

Where to go to Maslenitsa in St. Petersburg? Events will be organized at various venues in the city. In recent years, the main city celebration of Maslenitsa was the Peter and Paul Fortress. A big holiday is also planned to be held in the Park of the 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg. Also among the popular places are the Summer Garden, New Holland, and Sevcable Port.

The administration of some areas of the city organize their holidays.

 "Park of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg" can be recommended for visiting if there is no strong wind. In windy weather it is better to go to the Peter and Paul Fortress, but there can be too many people at the holiday.



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