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On vacation after COVID-19

Submitted by Visit Plus on Wed, 11/04/2020 - 23:02

Where will you spend your holidays this year? The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the plans of many people. In particular, this affected travel lovers. The most enjoyable ways to spend your vacation became inaccessible in 2020: sea cruises and international travel. But the situation will change.

Domestic travels will be available first. It will be possible to travel around your country.

It can be assumed that then trips to neighboring countries will also be available. For United States and Canada residents, it could be Dominican Republic and Mexico. Residents of the European Union are expected to be able to travel within the EU, as well as visit Turkey.

We can assume that international travel in full will only be available in 2021. It can be assumed that the activity of the coronavirus will decrease in European countries in the spring and summer. Also, vaccination will positively affect the ability to travel safely.

Residents of European countries really want to get the opportunity to travel again, and many countries would like tourists to return.

If both sides want to revive tourism, then they will find an opportunity to do so.

As we assume, residents of northern European countries will be able to spend their holidays on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the summer of 2021. Most likely Spain, Greece, Cyprus will receive tourists. Tourists may need to have COVID test results or proof of vaccination or some other document.

But this is only a forecast so far, time will show how everything will happen.

In our opinion, if you want to go on vacation in the summer of 2021, you better choose a destination in your country.

Paris airport

The photo shows the AirBaltic airplane at the airport in Paris.

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Will travel change after Coronavirus?

It can be assumed that tourism will take a long time to recover and travelers' preferences will change the first time.

We expect two trends to prevail:

  • Travelers will prefer to travel shorter distances (domestic travel) the first time.
  • Travelers will prefer to travel in small groups (couples in love, family, with friends) the first time. Group trips (guided tours) will gradually recover in popularity. Crowd-free, hassle-free travel is the way of the closest future.
  • Where possible, we will travel in our cars (the first time after COVID-19).
  • Those few who can afford it will choose private aviation and private yachts.
  • Passengers will prefer direct flights to avoid having to pass through extra airports.
  • Instead of attending large events and being in the crowd, we will more often visit natural attractions.
  • It can be assumed that travelers will consider hotels a safer place to stay than renting apartments.
  • Cruise companies will make a lot of efforts to regain the confidence of travelers (confidence in safety).

It is believed that some lovers of independent travel can seek the assistance of a travel agent next time. (To get professional advice and specialist help, if necessary.)

We will travel again, I am sure. And you?

It is already time to start preparing for the next trip. Visit, for example, the Venice Carnival, Oktoberfest, events in Miami, in Spain.
Mexico is sure to remain the most popular overseas destination for US residents.

It seems to us that this will be the safest way to travel this year:


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