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Will we travel after a pandemic or not?

Submitted by Visit Plus on Thu, 05/28/2020 - 10:23

What will be the world of travel after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic? There is such a forecast: in the beginning we will begin to travel in our region and in small groups (in pairs, families in groups, one at a time), then we will begin to visit neighboring regions and the country (at the end of summer), in the autumn tourists will again travel more and more.

But this is a rather optimistic scenario. And what could be the pessimistic version of the development of the travel situation?

There are speculations that the world may receive a second wave of pandemic. In addition, the virus can mutate and obtain other properties. Could it be that the second wave of the pandemic will be very strong? In addition, for sure someday we will get some more epidemic.

In the worst case scenario, epidemic control can become too expensive. Spending on epidemics may be greater than tourism revenues. We will simply be afraid to travel, meet other people, and leave home without need. (We hope that this never happens.)

In this case, countries and cities will not seek to attract tourists, hotels will receive few guests at the same time, airplanes will reduce the number of seats in the salons. In this case, only very wealthy people can afford to travel. They will travel in a separate cabin on the plane and live in a vacation home. The number of hotels, airlines, restaurants, travel companies, theaters will be greatly reduced. Transport companies, aircraft manufacturers, car manufacturers, souvenir and clothing sellers will also be affected. Many people can lose their jobs.

We really hope that the pessimistic scenario will never be confirmed. Let's be optimistic.


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There is good news for US travel lovers. good news Travel destinations await visitors.

🎡 There are plans to reopen Disneyland and sister Disney's California Adventure theme park on July 17 in California (US).
😍 Universal Orlando reopens (the first of Orlando's major theme park resorts). Visit Orlando.
🌴 Hotels in Miami-Dade are reopening. (Visit Miami.)
🛳 Caribbean islands welcoming back visitors.
💰 Ohio's amusement parks and casinos can reopen June 19.

Good newsI hope we all return to normal soon.
Choose your travel destinations.

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