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Tourists are returning to St. Petersburg

Submitted by Visit Plus on Fri, 07/10/2020 - 13:08

St. Petersburg is slowly returning to normal. Tourists also return to the city. Coronavirus restrictions are gradually being removed.

The situation is constantly changing, stay tuned for restrictions and recommendations.

Visits to parks are already permitted. Some museums began to work. (There are restrictions on the number of visitors.)

Pleasure boats again carry tourists along the Neva. Double-decker tourist buses (hop on - hop off) returned to the streets of the city.

The main attractions of the city are its architecture, streets, embankments. Street musicians perform in Palace Square and some central streets. Artists sell their works on Nevsky Prospect. Tourists can see it again.

Do hotels work? They did not stop their work, but there were much fewer guests than in previous years.

Many restaurants and cafes have already had the opportunity to serve customers on the terraces and portable tables.

In the video: In St. Petersburg July 09, 2020.

About lifting restrictions in St. Petersburg (open with some restrictions):

  • From July 06, 2020: Museums, exhibition halls, pools, fitness clubs.
  • From June 29, 2020: Zoo, summer cafes, navigation along rivers and canals.
  • From June 28: Parks, gardens, squares.
  • From June 22: car sharing.

Subject to change! Check the latest information on the website of the administration of St. Petersburg.


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