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Pskov travel information

There are many cities in Russia that are popular with travel enthusiasts. Pskov is one of them. Here you will find information that may be useful to youif you are planning a trip to Pskov.

Pskov is one of the oldest cities in Russia. The history of the city is closely related to the history of the country. A lot of architectural monuments have been preserved in the City. Therefore, Pskov is a very interesting city for tourists.

Pskov Kremlin
In the photo: a view of the Pskov Kremlin.

Pskov is located in the northwest of Russia. The distance from Moscow (from the Moscow Ring Road) to Pskov is about 700 kilometers (by car), from St. Petersburg (from the Ring Road) - 270 kilometers.

You can get to Pskov by any type of transport: by plane (there is an airport in Pskov), by train, by bus. But the most convenient way is to travel around the Pskov region by your own car.

You can rent a car on the spot if you are not comfortable driving your own.

The Pskov railway station is located not far (3 kilometers) from the historical city center. The bus station is next to the train station. Pskov airport is also located near the city center (distance 4.5 km.). You can get to the hotel by bus or taxi.

Places to visit

The historical center of Pskov is located at the confluence of the Pskov River with the Velikaya River. The Velikaya River divides the city into two parts. Most of the attractions are located in the central part of the city, on the right bank of the Velikaya River. There are interesting places for tourists in other places and in the Pskov region.

Tourists can consider the territory that was formerly occupied by the Pskov Fortress as the central part of the city. Many ancient buildings have survived here, including old churches. The Pskov Kremlin (Krom) was also part of the fortress.

The Pskov fortress occupied a large territory between the Velikaya and Pskov rivers. A significant part of the fortress walls and towers have survived to this day.

Pskov Kremlin map
Photo: map of the Pskov Kremlin. (The entrance is through the tower on the right.)

The western border of the fortress ran along the bank of the Velikaya River, approximately from the mouth of the Pskov River to the Pokrovskaya Tower (2.3 kilometers).
The eastern border of the fortress ran from the Pokrovskaya Tower (Velikaya River) to the Pskov River (2.2 kilometers). In our time, there is a park area.
The northern border of the fortress ran not far from the Pskov River. (The length is about 2 kilometers.) There is also a park area along the river bank.



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