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Which coastline is the best for your Mexico vacation?

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There are excellent vacation spots in Mexico both the west and east coasts. Where is the best place to go on vacation? See where residents of different regions of America have traveled most often and make your choice.

If you look at the statistics of flights (the number of passengers carried in 2019), it is clear that the preferences of residents of different states of the United States differ. In short, Americans prefer closest to them resorts.

Westerners most often traveled to the western coast of Mexico. In 2019, Puerto Vallarta Airport handled 202,000 passengers from Los Angeles and 111,000 passengers from San Francisco (California).

But this is not complete information either. The city of Guadalajara is just about 200 miles from the Pacific coast. Guadalajara International Airport has served 495,000 passengers from Los Angeles. Many of them also traveled to the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta or Acapulco.

The Baja California Peninsula also attracts many tourists from the United States. In 2019, Los Cabos International Airport also served 310,000 passengers from Los Angeles.

In fact, tourists from the Western US states, southern California, Arizona, can simply come to Mexico for a weekend or vacation in their car. (The city of Puerto Peñasco is often referred to as “Arizona Beach”.)

The length of the flight to both coasts of Mexico is approximately the same for residents of the central states of the United States. It can be assumed that both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts will attract them equally. But according to available information, they still prefer to spend their holidays on the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula. (Cancun, Riviera Maya.)

(Data on the number of passengers for 2019.)

To the west coast from Dallas and Houston (TX).

  • Puerto Vallarta Airport - 260 thousand passengers.
  • Los Cabos International Airport - 202 thousand passengers.

To the East Coast (to Cancun airport) from central states airports.

  • From Houston, Texas - 429 thousand passengers.
  • From Dallas, Texas - 411 thousand passengers.
  • From Chicago, Illinois - 387 thousand passengers.

Residents of the eastern states of the United States prefer to spend their holidays in the Caribbean. Partly because the beaches are great and the flight is not too long.

Cancún International Airport served 364,000 passengers from Atlanta, Georgia in 2019. Canadian residents also frequent southeastern Mexico: 456,000 passengers from Toronto, Ontario Airport in 2019.

Which coast of Mexico should you go on vacation to? If you have never been to Mexico, then you can choose any resort. We recommend the one that is closer to your place of residence.
If you have already been to Mexico, then you can try visiting new places.

If you have certain hobbies and interests, then this should also be taken into account when choosing a destination.

There are excellent beaches both on the Pacific coast and on the Yucatan Peninsula (Riviera Maya).

It is believed that the best surfing spots are on the west coast. For example: Ensenada (Baja California), Mazatlán (Sinaloa), Sayulita (Nayarit), Cuyutlán (Colima), Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.

The best whale watching spots are on the Pacific coast of Mexico (and the Baja California Peninsula): Bahia de Banderas, Los Cabos, Sayulita, Rincon de Guayabitos, Puerto Adolfo Lopez Mateos.

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