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Kuopio - information for tourists

Kuopio is located on the shores of Lake Kallavesi in the province of Northern Savonia. (It is the Northern Savonia Regional Center.) The city has a population of about 119,000 people. The Kuopio area is located in the heart of Lake Finland and is one of Finland's most popular tourist destinations.

Length of drive

  • Helsinki - Kuopio: 390 km.
  • Turku - Kuopio: 450 km.
  • Tampere - Kuopio: 300 km.
  • Mikkeli - Kuopio: 160 km.
  • Joensuu - Kuopio: 130 km.
  • Sortavala (Russia) - Kuopio: 270 km.

Places to visit

Kuopio Market Square is the commercial center of the city. Kuopio Market Hall is located on the edge of the square.

Kuopio passenger port. The Passenger Harbor area is the center of summer Kuopio's tourism activities along with Kuopio Market Square.

The Puijo tower. The tower is 75 meters high. The tower has an observation deck, a restaurant, a café.

Kuopio Museum. The building houses the exhibition spaces of the Kuopio Museum of Natural History and the Kuopio Museum of Cultural History.

Kuopio Art Museum. The collections of the Kuopio Art Museum include about 6,700 works, mainly of Finnish art.

RIISA. Finnish Orthodox Church Museum. The museum main task is to preserve the cultural heritage of the Finnish Orthodox Church.

Tahko. Tahko offers activities in both summer and winter: downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, horseback riding, boating and fishing. It is about 56 kilometers northeast of the center of Kuopio.

Tahko observation tower. The observation desk is located at the top of the Tahko slopes, next to the slope restaurant Pehku (distance from the center of Tahko is about 13 km).

Korkeakoski. Korkeakoski is the highest free-flowing rapids in Finland. Distance from the center of Kuopio about 60 km. There is a signboard next to the highest point of the rapids in the parking lot.

See Kuopio on the map of Finland.


  • The opening of the market season. The Kuopio summer season fest is usually held at the Kuopio market square at the end of May.
  • Kuopio wine festival. The wine festival is held in the summer in the area of the port of Kuopio.
  • Kuopio Rockcock. The rock music festival is held annually at the turn of July-August in Väinölänniemi, Kuopio.
  • "Kuopio Tanssii ja Soi". It is the oldest and largest international dance festival in the Nordic countries.
  • Anti - Contemporary Art Festival. It is a contemporary art festival that is held every year in Kuopio.
  • Finland Ice Marathon. Finland Ice Marathon (FIM) is a unique ice skating event in the natural ice of Kallavesi. The center of the event is Kuopio Passenger Port.


  • Lapland Hotels Kuopio. Address: Puijonkatu 32, Kuopio, Finland. (Downtown, 400 m from Kuopio Market Square).
  • Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi. Address: Minna Canthin katu 16, Kuopio, Finland. (Downtown, 550 m from Kuopio market square.)
  • Scandic Atlas. Address: Haapaniemenkatu 22, Kuopio, Finland. (Downtown, on the edge of the market square.)
  • Scandic Kuopio. Address: Satamakatu 1, Kuopio, Finland. (700 m from the passenger port.)
  • Spa Hotel Kuntopaikka. Address: Tammirannantie 1, Kuopio, Finland. (beach, 11 km from the center.)
  • Hotel Jahtihovi. Address: Snellmaninkatu 23, Kuopio, Finland. (City center; 500 m from Kuopio market square, 500 m from the passenger port.)
  • Economy Hotel Savonia. Address: Sammakkolammentie 2, Kuopio, Finland. (1.6km from the center.)
  • Spa Hotel Rauhalahti. Address: Katiskaniementie 8, Kuopio, Finland. (33 km from the center.)
  • Finlandia Hotel Isovalkeinen. Address: Majaniementie 2, Kuopio, Finland. (On the beach, 5 km from the center.)

How to get to Kuopio

Kuopio Airport is located in the southern parts of Siilinjärvi municipality, Rissala, about 14 kilometers northeast of the center of Kuopio.

Kuopio Train Station is about 400 meters from Kuopio Market Square.
The bus station is located north of the train station.

Highway 5 runs from Heinola through Mikkeli, Kuopio and Kajaani to Sodankylä.

Kuopio's passenger port is the busiest port in the Vuoksi watershed. During the summer, there is traffic from the passenger port to Heinävesi and Savonlinna, as well as local cruises.



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