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Accommodation in Kotka

There are not too many hotels in Kotka and the surrounding area. In general, hotels have enough places to stay for all travelers. During the Sea Days Festival, tourists may have to look for a place to stay in other cities, such as Hamina.

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone Kotka. Sokos Hotel is located in the center of Kotka, at an alley on the edge of Sibelius Park. Sapokka Park and the Maretarium are about an 800-meter / 10-minute walk from the hotel. The hotel has everything a traveler needs: 3 saunas, dining options, a gym and a children’s playroom.
Address: Keskuskatu 21, 48100 Kotka, Finland.

Hotel Merikotka. The hotel is located in an old house, near the port of Kotka, on the edge of Palotorninvuori Park. Vellamo Maritime Center is 300 meters walk away.
Address: Satamakatu 9, 48100 Kotka, Finland.

Jokipuisto Hotel. Jokipuisto Hotel is located on the edge of the E18 motorway, 8 km from Kotka Market Square. The hotel rooms are well soundproofed. It is a convenient place to stay if you are traveling by car on the route Helsinki - Hamina - Vaalimaa - Russia.
Address: Kyminlinnantie 18, 48600 Kotka, Finland.

Santalahti Resort. Santalahti Resort is located by the sea on Mussalo Island, 6 km from Kotka Market Square. The resort offers accommodation in a cottage, villa, campsite. The resort has a children’s playground. Kymen Golf and Kotka Golf are 300 to 500 meters away.
Address: Santalahdentie 150, 48310 Kotka, Finland.

Hotels on the map

The map shows the location of the hotel and the price of the stay. The map helps you to choose a comfortable place to stay in Kotka.


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